I’m still searching on my e’tronic component..arrgghh…giv me so much headache..

Try until da end..

Success is never too late..

Give up means die..

God…please help me…


9 thoughts on “SiCk…HeAdAChe..

  1. Mr Ah Fa berkata:

    What’s the problem?

    Do you ever heard of TKR?
    What kind of electronic component that you are searching for?

  2. cikf=) berkata:

    Wut TKR?? i dont know..

    i’m searching for integrated circuit(IC)..
    huhu..i found it in internet but da shipping cost very expensive..
    i’m still try to search for affordable price

  3. Mr Ah Fa berkata:

    We also use IC in our R&D.

    What kind of IC that you are using?

    NEC? Motorola?

    For what purpose?

  4. cikf=) berkata:

    Mmm…RTC 4574 (real time clock) by EPSON
    and TR1004/TR1000 a transceiver from RF Monolithics..

    actually my project about build a wireless sensor node for sound detector..

  5. zuriaf berkata:

    sabar bos..rilek..jangan gelabah sangat nak siapkan bende tu… 😀 hehe…

  6. Mr Ah Fa berkata:

    There is a company named RS.
    Have you heard about it?

    We deal with them for IC parts. Some of them are rare. But they can provide it.

    This company will be much helpful if you order their product trough your Department rather than by yourself.

    Ask your lecturer to support your order. 😉

  7. cikf=) berkata:

    zuriaf :yeah…baik…nnt saye serah tugas je kat awak…

    Mr Ah Fa : i was search in Farnell,n RS also..but the product not avaiable there..but i’ll try to modified the circuit

  8. Mr Ah Fa berkata:

    All the best 🙂 Jangan lupa makan

  9. En Perisik berkata:

    Dh tambah dah kat blogroll hamba 😉

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